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Magic, witch, demons, underworld, vampires, romance, love and subjects like this are the most popular genre in literature. And the book “A Discovery of Witches” has enriched the sector a lot with its great writing. The book is written by an American author Deborah Harkness. It was her first book and her debut made a huge stirring in the heart of all book lovers. And another credit we must give to Harkness is that she made many new readers through her book.

The book is the first book of the All Soul trilogy, Harkness later publish two more novels to complete the story. A Discovery of Witches was published in 2011 and two other books were published in 2012- The Shadow of Night and 2014- The Book of Life. After the publication of the first book, it earned the  New York Times bestsellers position.

Here, we create a review of A Discovery of Witches. We will discuss the book summary, will analysis the book, the story behind it, the philosophy of the A Discovery of Witches and a few other things that you will enjoy. So, let’s start.

A Discovery of Witches PDF

A Discovery of Witches

Analysis and Summary of “A Discovery of Witches”:

The book story started with Bishop Diana who is our lead character in the novel. Diana is a history professor at the University of Yale and she is recently doing a PhD at Oxford. Diana is also a reluctant witch. But she tried to forget that life of her. She never wants to live a witch life. She didn’t practice any magic or performed any witchcraft since her childhood. Her parents were murdered when Diana was seven and since then she considered the witch life is a curse.

But how much she tried to escape that life, the magic always find a way to her life. While she was researching her project, Diana finds an old manuscript in a library. The book was lost for more than 150 years suddenly Diana finds it.

The old manuscript contains all the power of witchcraft. When Diana come in contact with the book the magic in her blood started to respond automatically. Diana immediately gets rid of the book cause she doesn’t want to get involved with any of this.

But at the same, a vampire called Matthew Clairmont was looking for this ancient manuscript for 150 years. He heard that the manuscript is in Oxford so he came but before Matthew, the manuscript got in the hand of Diana.

But instead of killing Diana and seizing the manuscript from her, Matthew helps her. Like Matthew, many other demons started to come to Oxford in search of manuscripts. And not everyone was friendly to Diana.

And from here the journey of Diana and Matthew began. In that book, Diana started to her true self. She finds out who she really is and what’s our capabilities are. In the other two sections of the book Diana build-up her power, army to protect herself and her friend.

Criticism of “A Discovery of Witches”:

It’s true that The All Soul trilogy has indeed gained a lot of fame and made a huge fan base but lots of writers and readers criticise the book too. While reading it everyone will certainly find a similarity with the famous Twilight Saga and Harry Potter. In the magic and vampire world, Harry Potter and Twilight set such a legendary position that whatever one will write it will have the effect of these books.

Many critics say that the book has nothing to offer something new, everything is old and repeat plot. And complains that the journey of Matthew and Diana is unnecessarily slow-burn event.

Books starting part was really good, no one denied that. The beginning part is very well described. Diana finding her true version was very impressively well written. It inspires us to discover ourselves.

The book was later published in 36 languages. Sky One TV channel released a TV series adoption of the book. There are two series available in Sky One, and the work of the third season is on the run.

The Philosophy of “A Discovery of Witches”:

Even though the book has faced a lot of criticism it has some very good points too. The way of revealing new creatures is very scientific. Plus, the books event take place in history and folklore that has been going on for a long time. “A Discovery of Witches” also have some academic real fact. It was probably the best thing about the book and the funny thing is the author brings these facts in a very interesting way which are mostly impossible for others to do.

Besides the story, “A Discovery of Witches” wanted to say the presence of supernatural power and other creatures among us.

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