Sumita Arora Python PDF (Class 11 & 12)

Sumita Arora Python Class 11 and Sumita Arora Python Class 12 provide a complete overview of the principles of computer science to the students. Students can find information about every subject of learning in these books. The pictorial representations with diagrams, theory descriptions to mathematical deductions, and practice tasks make the chapters easy and interesting … Read more

Uta Hagen Respect for Acting PDF

Respect for acting is a well-known book and Haskel Frankel. Acting is a factor in expressing your feelings to the audience. A person disguises himself in any other character and expresses feelings and thoughts of that character through Uta Hagen’s dialogues. Grab this book if you wanted to master acting. The writer has explained all … Read more

Computer Organization and Design 5th Edition Solutions Manual

This computer organization and design 5th edition solutions manual pdf is a book by authors John L. Hennessy and David Patterson. The book has chapters that tackle the computer organization and design subject matter including those below; Chapter 1 – Computer Abstractions And Technology Chapter 2 – Instructions: Language Of The Computer Chapter 3 – … Read more

SL Arora Physics Class 11 And 12


Hi everybody, Today we going to share the SL Arora physics book pdf for both classes 11th and 12th. This is one of the best-known physic books for academic and test preparation for college students. Author SL Arora simplified the book so the reader can easily read it and understand what he pointed. When you … Read more

Principle of Power System by VK Mehta

Principle of power system by VK Mehta is a comprehensive textbook for students of Engineering. It also caters to the requirement of those readers who wish to increase their knowledge and gain a sound grounding in the power system as a whole. Twenty-six chapters succinctly sum up the subjects with topics such as supply and … Read more