SL Arora Physics Class 11 And 12

Hi everybody, Today we going to share the SL Arora physics book pdf for both classes 11th and 12th. This is one of the best-known physic books for academic and test preparation for college students. Author SL Arora simplified the book so the reader can easily read it and understand what he pointed. When you start reading it then you know why he gets well renowned for it.

Books Details

Author: SL Arora

Book name: New Simplified Physics, A reference book for class XI and XII

Language: English

Publisher: Dhanpat Rai & Co.

Binding: Paperback

Pages: Total 568 pages on class XI for volume 1 and 2; 1148 pages on XII for volume 1 and 2.

Category: Academic & Test Preparation

Edition: 7th Edition, 2016, Reprint 2017, 2016

ISBN: 9789351549635, 9351549631

New Simplified Physics, For Class 11th ( Volume 1 and 2)

For the class 11th students you find two-portion in his book. The first one is volume 1 that you should read early in your XI class study. On the other hand, in the second portion volume 2 you can start reading in the middle of xi class. This is the best practice routine for 1st-year students indeed.

Volume 1 pdf/volume 2 pdf Volume 1& 2 paperback

New Simplified Physics, For Class 12th ( Volume 1 and 2)

You are now in twelve classes so first, you need to finish volume 1 to gather academic knowledge. After finish the first portion and the final exam coming near then it’s time to prepare for volume 2. As well as finish both the 1st and 2nd portion of the book I recommend reading the supplement book also.

Volume 1 pdf/volume 2 pdf Volume 1 & 2 paperback

Recommended To Reading Paperback

Reading a book pdf is fine but it is not best practice. PDF books can’t take place binding books. You can be reading a portable version format for limited usages. If you are a student of class 11 or 12 then I recommend bu the original copy from the nearest library or order it from Amazon, Flipkart.

Although we will be given a free download link. As have copyright we can’t give the link in an open place. So, comment below your email address to get the SL Alora physics book, we will send it to your email. We share only uses for educational purposes. Therefore, only real students comment here who use it for their educational purposes.

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