Codename villanelle PDF

Codename Villanelle was written by Luke Jennings and was published back in 2014. Due to the unusual nature of the main character, it was seen beneficial to bring the story live on screen. In 2018, Killing Eve made its debut as one of BBC’s television series programs. The show got massive positive feedback from viewers, and the ratings have been on an all-time high. There are, however, some fanatics who say that the book is much better than the TV show while others say that the TV show did a better job. What do you think?


The two best words that you can use to describe Villanelle are Violent and Psychopath. In her time college life at the University of Moscow, Villanelle finds herself behind bars for killing her lover’s husband, Max. That is long after Villanelle and Eve already become lovers, and Villanelle could not take it anymore that her lover and instructor at the university, Eve had an affair. With such a bloody reputation, it was only a matter of time before someone could reach out to Villanelle. Her lover, Eve, learns that Villanelle is dead in prison only to find out later that her ex is alive and is behind the countless murders taking place around the world.

Codename villanelle PDF

codename villanelle

Good girl has gone bad, maybe

When she joined The University of Moscow, Villanelle feels attracted to Eve and does everything she could to get close to her. Eve who suspects nothing agrees to provide offer Villanelle private tutoring, which paved the way for their love to spark off.  The turn of events gets out of hand when Villanelle kills Max. She was so determined to do it that she had fun with it and never showed any remorse even while at the stand. The killer in Villanelle is revealed at that moment, and it was not long before Konstantin would approach Villanelle in prison to offer her the deal that would set her free from her past and crimes.

Perfect for the job

It is without any doubt that Villanelle is the type of person who will do whatever favors her without considering other people. In the story, she travels across the world, killing anyone Konstantin tells her to without blinking. She even manages to kill Cesare Greco in his home Tuscany during an anniversary party, and she uses David, his grandson, to lure him to her death trap. After she was announced dead, Villanelle made no efforts to tracing her contacts because she fears that her cover can be blown.  You can argue that Konstantin is behind the monster, while in a real sense, Konstantin only worked with what was already in Villanelle.

Reckless lover

All through the story, Villanelle’s sexual desire is loud and clear. The fact that she could not control her feelings towards Eve and later on with Konstantin clearly shows she only cares about herself. Konstantin understood this side of Villanelle pretty well, and even when he walks into her apartment to find her I bed with a man and a woman, he proceeds to hand her the next job in London. In Berlin, she takes an elderly woman to her room after killing a Chinese colonel Zhang Wu, romances with her, and tells her that she will call the elderly lady ‘Eve,’ which portrays some obsession. Emotionally damaged and on a mission to get revenge out of everything, it seems like Villanelle will stop at nothing to get her sexual needs satisfied.

The job

Konstantin is Villanelle’s employer, and she works for The Twelve through him. However, the motive of this secrete and elite group is not clear as Villanelle had to take out some people that she had worked with before. It can only be said that The Twelve was a group operating by the interest of a few influential people. Her curiosity about the employer leads her to discover that Konstantin had a wife and daughter, and she went ahead to find out where they are. Later on, she holds them hostage, as she attempts to get more information about The Twelve

It is hard to tell between the book and TV show which version of Codename Villanelle is the best unless you try them both out. Killing Eve, on the other hand, has to be more popular than the book since it is being aired on television.

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