Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 in Words Pdf

The Hindi numbers 1 to 100 in words PDF is available for free download from various websites like Pinterest, YouTube, and educational platforms like Kids.JbigDeaL.com. The PDF provides the accurate, exact, and concise representation of Hindi numbers from 1 to 100 in word form.

It is a useful resource for anyone learning or teaching Hindi counting. The PDF file can be accessed and utilized for educational purposes.

Hindi Numbers 1 To 50

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Learning Hindi numbers is essential for understanding and communicating in the language. In this article, we will focus on numbers 1 to 50 in Hindi, starting with an explanation of the words for numbers 1 to 10. In Hindi, the word for ‘one’ is ‘ek’, ‘two’ is ‘do’, ‘three’ is ‘teen’, ‘four’ is ‘chaar’, ‘five’ is ‘paanch’, ‘six’ is ‘cheh’, ‘seven’ is ‘saat’, ‘eight’ is ‘aath’, ‘nine’ is ‘nau’, and ‘ten’ is ‘das’. Moving on to numbers 11 to 20, the words for ‘eleven’ to ‘twenty’ in Hindi are ‘gyarah’, ‘barah’, ‘terah’, ‘chaudah’, ‘pandrah’, ‘solah’, ‘satrah’, ‘atharah’, ‘unnis’, ‘bees’. Finally, we will explore the words for numbers 21 to 50 in Hindi. Stay tuned for the next section!

Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 in Words Pdf

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Hindi Numbers 51 To 100


When counting from 51 to 70 in Hindi, the following words are used:


51 इक्यावन (Ikyavan)
52 बावन (Bawan)
53 तिरेपन (Tirepan)

From 71 to 90, the words for numbers in Hindi are:


71 इकहत्तर (Ikkhattar)
72 बहत्तर (Bahattar)
73 त्रिहत्तर (Trihattar)

When expressing numbers from 91 to 100 in Hindi, the following words are used:


91 इक्यानवे (Ikyanve)
92 बानवे (Banve)
93 तिरानवे (Tiranve)


Frequently Asked Questions Of Hindi Numbers 1 To 100 In Words Pdf

How To Write Hindi Number Names 1 To 100?

To write Hindi number names from 1 to 100, you can refer to various resources available online. You can find PDF charts, videos, and educational websites like Teachoo, JbigDeaL, and PDFnotes that provide the Hindi number names with pronunciation and detailed explanations.

Additionally, there are tutorials on YouTube that show how to switch between Arabic and Hindi numbers in MS Word. Explore these resources and learn to write Hindi number names easily.

How Do You Write Numbers Up To 100 In Words?

To write numbers up to 100 in words, follow these tips: Start with “one” and continue consecutively until “one hundred. ” For example, write 1 as “one,” 5 as “five,” and so on. Remember to be consistent, accurate, and concise when converting numbers to words.

How To Write Hindi Counting In Word?

To write Hindi counting in words, you can find resources online such as YouTube tutorials, Pinterest boards, and educational websites like Teachoo and LearningProdigy. They provide charts, PDF downloads, and pronunciation guides for numbers 1 to 100 in Hindi.

How Do You Write 1 To 100 In Letters?

To write numbers 1 to 100 in letters, simply write them out as words. For example, 1 is written as “one,” 2 is written as “two,” and so on up to 100 which is written as “one hundred. “


To conclude, learning the Hindi numbers 1 to 100 in words is an essential skill for anyone interested in the Hindi language. This comprehensive PDF guide provides an easy-to-understand resource for beginners and advanced learners alike. By mastering these number names, you’ll be able to effectively communicate numerical information in Hindi.

Whether you’re studying Hindi for personal, academic, or professional reasons, this resource is a valuable asset to have. Start exploring the PDF now and enhance your Hindi language skills.

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