Michael Jackson Autopsy Report PDF

The autopsy of Michael Jackson was released to the public and the results are shocking. The report shows that Jackson died from a combination of drugs, including propofol and lorazepam. Jackson had been taking these drugs for years to help him sleep, but the combination proved to be fatal.

When the world learned of Michael Jackson’s untimely death, many were shocked and saddened. However, there was also a sense of curiosity about how he died. An autopsy was performed and it revealed that Jackson had propofol in his system.

Propofol is a powerful sedative that is usually only administered in hospitals. Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with the singer’s death. The case is still ongoing, but the autopsy results give us a better understanding of what may have happened on that fateful day.

Michael Jackson Autopsy PDF


Michael Jackson Last Words

It is reported that Michael Jackson’s last words were “I’m tired.” He said this to his brother, Jermaine, who was at his bedside when he passed away. According to Jermaine, Michael had been in and out of consciousness for several days leading up to his death and was on a lot of medication.

When he finally passed away, it was very peaceful and he simply drifted off to sleep. Michael Jackson’s passing came as a shock to the world. He was only 50 years old and seemed to be in good health despite rumors about his declining health in recent years.

His sudden death has left many questions unanswered and fans wondering what could have happened. autopsy report showed that Michael Jackson died from acute propofol intoxication – meaning he had taken too much of the sedative propofol which caused him to stop breathing. It is believed that Jackson was using propofol as a sleep aid because he suffered from insomnia.

His personal doctor, Conrad Murray, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with Jackson’s death and is currently on trial. The details surrounding Michael Jackson’s death are still unfolding but one thing is for sure – the world has lost a true icon and legend.


Was an Autopsy Done on Michael Jackson?

Yes, an autopsy was performed on Michael Jackson. The cause of death was determined to be acute propofol intoxication, with contributory factors including benzodiazepine effect.

How Much Did Michael Jackson Weigh at His Autopsy?

Michael Jackson weighed 136 pounds at his autopsy, which was conducted on June 25, 2009. The King of Pop’s body mass index (BMI) was 18.5, which is considered to be in the “underweight” range. Jackson’s autopsy report also revealed that he had numerous tattoos, including one of a snake on his left arm and a crown on his right arm.

Did Michael Jackson Have Vitiligo Autopsy?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. However, according to some reports, Michael Jackson did have vitiligo at the time of his autopsy. This condition is characterized by patches of skin that lose their pigment and become lighter in color.

It is believed that Jackson developed vitiligo after suffering from a chemical burn on his scalp in the 1980s. The exact cause of death has not been determined, but it is possible that the vitiligo played a role in his death.

Prosecutors release graphic Michael Jackson autopsy picture


On June 25, 2009, the world was shocked to hear of the death of pop legend Michael Jackson. An autopsy was performed on Jackson’s body and it revealed that he died from acute propofol intoxication. Propofol is a powerful sedative that is usually only used in hospitals.

Jackson had been using propofol to help him sleep for years and it is thought that his dependence on the drug led to his death.

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