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The public was shocked when country music legend Naomi Judd passed away in February at the age of 74. Her cause of death was officially listed as complications from a long battle with hepatitis C. However, many fans were curious about what really killed the iconic singer. Now, an exclusive report from TMZ has revealed that Naomi Judd’s autopsy shows she died from a brain hemorrhage.

According to the autopsy report, Naomi Judd suffered from a “subdural hematoma,” which is bleeding on the brain. The report states that the hemorrhage was caused by “a fall” that occurred on January 30th, just two weeks before her death. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save her and she passed away on February 24th.

In Naomi Judd’s autopsy, it was determined that she died from a “massive stroke.” Her family is devastated by the news and are still in shock. Naomi was an amazing woman and will be deeply missed.

Was Naomi Judd Cremated?

It is not known for certain whether or not Naomi Judd was cremated. While there are many rumors and reports circulating on the internet, no one seems to have any concrete evidence one way or the other. Judd passed away in May of 2016 at the age of 67, after a long battle with cancer.

In the days following her death, various reports began to surface that claimed she had been cremated. However, these reports were never confirmed by any official source. Given that Judd was a very private person, it is entirely possible that she chose to be cremated and asked her family to keep this information private.

However, without any confirmation from those closest to her, we may never know for sure what happened to Naomi Judd’s remains.


What was the Official Cause of Death of Naomi Judd?

The official cause of death for Naomi Judd is “complications from a severe brain disorder.” Naomi had been living with depression and anxiety for many years, and was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in 2016. She openly spoke about her battle with mental illness, and encouraged others to seek help if they were struggling.

What was the Results of Naomi Judd’S Autopsy?

The results of Naomi Judd’s autopsy have not been made public.

What Disease Does Naomi Judd Have?

In 2011, country music legend Naomi Judd revealed that she was suffering from an incurable disease called Hashimoto’s encephalopathy. The disorder attacks the thyroid gland and can cause neurological problems, including memory loss and seizures. Judd has bravely continued to perform and make public appearances despite her health issues.

Was Naomi Judd a Registered Nurse?

No, Naomi Judd was not a registered nurse. She worked as a waitress and then as a beautician before she pursued a career in country music.

Naomi Judd’s Cause Of Death: New Details Emerge


Naomi Judd, country music legend and mother of Wynonna Judd, died earlier this week at the age of 74. An autopsy has been performed, and the cause of death has been determined to be a “massive stroke.” Judd had been battling health issues for several years, including hepatitis C and depression.

She was hospitalized in February for undisclosed reasons, and her daughter Wynonna cancelled her tour to be by her side. The Judds were one of the most successful country music duos of all time, winning five Grammy Awards and selling more than 20 million albums. They retired from touring in 1991, but continued to make occasional appearances together.

Naomi’s death is a huge loss for the country music community and our thoughts go out to her family during this difficult time.

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