Seriously Good Chili Cookbook [ PDF Free ]

No one takes chili more seriously than Brian Baumgartner, aka Kevin Malone from The Office!

  • Brian Baumgartner’s first cookbook about his all-time favorite food both on- and off-screen — chili
  • 177 chili recipes from restaurant owners, chefs, chili cook-off winners, Brian Baumgartner himself, his dedicated fans, and more
  • Spiral binding lays flat for ease of use in the kitchen
  • Different styles, inventive methods to cook chili, and influences including classic, contemporary, regional, and international recipes
  • QR codes to exclusive step-by-step cooking video tutorials, overviews for each chili style, what makes them unique, and chili secrets, tips, and tricks
  • Introduction by Brian with a behind-the-scenes look at the infamous chili scene that made him a chili icon, plus his devoted passion for this classic comfort food and its rich history
  • Foreword by Oscar Nunez, Brian Baumgartner’s fellow co-star on The OfficeBrian Baumgartner’s character Kevin Malone became a household name in the Emmy-winning TV series, The Office. In real life, Brian is a true chili master and aficionado who is just as serious as his fictional counterpart about making the most perfect pot of chili!Brian’s first-ever cookbook is all about his favorite food both on-screen and off, and he has scoured the United States and beyond to find the best, most savory recipes! Featuring 177 chili recipes hand-picked by Brian Baumgartner and stamped with his “seriously good” approval rating, Seriously Good Chili Cookbook contains new and inventive ways to spice up chili for all occasions, all year long!Written in the humorous and friendly tone Brian Baumgartner is known and loved for, this is not your average cookbook! Included is an introduction from Brian about how an infamous 60-second scene from the show transformed him into a chili icon, his passion for chili, and a fascinating account of the history of his all-time favorite comfort food. Each section showcases specific styles of chili — from Texas chili and Cincinnati chili to turkey chili, chili verde, vegetarian, and other regional and international variations. You’ll also find tons of fun chili facts throughout! Including Brian’s very own savory and Seriously Good chili recipe that he has perfected over years of trial and error, along with step-by-step video instruction with a QR code, and much more, Seriously Good Chili Cookbook is the world’s biggest and greatest collection of chili recipes.Providing overviews on each particular chili style and what makes them unique, the places and people that make them the best, chili secrets, tips, and tricks, plus QR codes to exclusive step-by-step cooking video tutorials, this is the only chili cookbook you’ll ever need! Featured styles include:
    • Chili Con Carne
    • Chili Verde
    • White Chicken Chili
    • Texas Chili
    • Cincinnati Chili
    • Turkey Chili
    • Vegetarian Chili
    • Black Bean Chili
    • Homestyle Chili
    • Chili Dogs, Nachos, Cornbread, and More!Every mouth-watering dish has been contributed by TV celebrities, restaurant owners, renowned chefs, cook-off champions, social media influencers, Brian himself, and his dedicated fan base. Also included is a foreword by fellow The Office co-star, Oscar Nunez, 50 championship-winning recipes from the International Chili Society’s World Champion Chili Cook-Off spanning from 1967 to present day, and a bonus recipe of the official “Kevin’s Famous Chili” recipe from The Office (sans carpet)!Strap on your apron, grab a spoon, and dig in with Brian Baumgartner as your ultimate chili guide, with Seriously Good Chili Cookbook!

Seriously Good Chili Cookbook – #1 Introduction – Brian Baumgartner’s Famous Chili Recipe


This blog post is all about the best chili cookbook out there. This seriously good chili cookbook has everything you need to make the perfect pot of chili. From classic recipes to new twists, this book has it all.

With over 50 recipes to choose from, you’ll find the perfect one for your next family gathering or game day party. So grab a copy and get cooking!

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