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There are many different surahs, or chapters, in the Quran. Surah Maarij is one of the longer surahs, and it is considered to be one of the more important ones. It is named after the word maarij, which means “ascending.” This surah is all about the different levels of Paradise, and how to reach them. It is believed that this surah was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad during the last year of his life.

Surah Maarij is one of the most beautiful and meaningful surahs in the Quran. It talks about the journey of the soul and how it ascends through the different levels of heaven. The imagery in this surah is simply stunning and it is a joy to read. This surah is a great reminder of the hereafter and how we should be striving to live our lives in a way that pleases Allah. It is a beautiful reminder of the mercy and forgiveness that Allah has for us, and how He is always there for us, no matter how far we may stray.

Surah Maarij PDF

Surah Maarij

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Surah Maarij Transliteration

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