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Surah An-Nur, the 24th chapter of the Holy Quran, means The Light. It discusses many significant topics including zina/fornication, etiquette of life, formation of rain and cloud, qazf and creation of life. There are only two chapters in The Holy Quran that give instructions on guarding private parts of one’s body, the first one is Surah An-Nur and the second one is Surah Al-Ahzab.

Let us give you some important information on this mesmerizing Medinan surah. This surah consists of sixty four verses, one thousand three hundred and nineteen words, six hundred and seventy six unique words without repetition, five thousand seven hundred and fifty four letters, nine rukus and no sajdah.

Surah Noor PDF


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Summary of the Verses

In the very first verse of the Surah An-Nur, we can see that Allah clearly states that Allah himself revealed the Surah and in it, he revealed the rulings that the believers must follow. By reading the verses one will be able to clearly understand the rulings within it as Allah himself states in the first verse of this Surah that he revealed in the surah clear commands. Further in the chapter, verses 1-4 reveal the punishment of fornication and for false witness. The verses that followed tells us how to deal with one’s wife and rumors. Verses 30, 31 and 60 discusses Parda. Verse number 61 guides us with the etiquette of eating. The surah ends with a reminder that states: Everything that is in the heaven and earth belongs to Allah and he knows everything we think and do.

Reciting and Reading benefits of this surah:
Every Surah of the Holy Quran has some specific teachings for us to follow. Surah An-Nur is not by any means different. Every verse of the surah teaches us somethings that will help us lead our lives in accordance with the teaching of Quran and guide our dependents to the right and straight path. The benefits of reading surah An-nur are mentioned below:

1.By reciting this surah the reciter will get to know the severe punishments of doing zina and becoming false witness. Thus he/she will be able to restrain himself/herself from doing these sins.
2.The chapter teaches its reciter the rulings on Purdah.
3.The reciter will be able to learn the etiquette of eating food and visiting each other’s homes.
4.The surah informs its reciter of the conduct of true believers.

5.The reciter will be encouraged to follow the right and straight path after getting to know from this surah that Almighty Allah promises: one can never be led astray if one follows the straight path truly.
6.The reciter will be able to learn how to deal with all rumors including rumors pertaining to one’s spouse.
7.The reciter will certainly understand that if Allah does not will to let a person follow the straight path then the person will never be able to find the light of true Islam. Hence the reciter will always try to act according to the laws mandated by the Almighty and impress Allah by doing so.

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