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Surah Qiyamah is the seventy-fifth surah of the Quran. It has 40 verses and is one of the shorter surahs of the Quran. The word “Qiyamah” means “Resurrection” and this surah speaks about the Day of Judgment. It describes the events that will take place on that day and the signs that will precede it. This surah is a reminder to humanity that they will be held accountable for their actions and that they should repent while they still have time.

In Islam, Surah Qiyamah is the surah (chapter) of the Qur’an that deals with the Day of Resurrection. This day is also known as the Day of Judgment, when all people will be judged for their deeds and sent to either Paradise or Hell. The surah is named after the word “qiyamah”, which appears in verse 1. The Day of Resurrection is a major event in Islam, and Surah Qiyamah is one of the most important chapters of the Qur’an. It describes the events that will take place on that day, including the blowing of the trumpet, the resurrection of the dead, and the judgment of all people. The surah also contains a number of warnings for those who do not believe in the Day of Judgment, and who will therefore face a terrible fate.

Surah Qiyamah PDF

Surah Qiyamah

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Surah Qiyamah Transliteration

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