Tales From The Yawning Portal

The tales from the yawning portal pdf is a fantastic module of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy game. Having gotten to sink our teeth into the 5th edition Basic set over the weekend, we thought it would be appropriate to give our rundown of the tales from the yawning portal from D&D.

The Character Levels

The main character level in this module is The Sunless Citadel, which was first released in 2000, and this is an updated module from 2017. These modules have gotten an update to accommodate the 5th edition rules to easily play along with the new regulations and in the right order. The other updated character modules include those below.

  • The Forge of Fury,
  • The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan,
  • White Plume Mountain,
  • Dead in Thay,
  • Against the Giants,
  • Tomb of Horrors

What adventures are in Tales From the yawning portal?

The most significant aspect of D&D is what kind of monster you are fighting against, and this can make a big difference in expected outcomes relative to each other. Still, the overall adventures are within the same ranges.

Also interesting to note is that the Wizard is still expected to do massive amounts of damage at the highest levels, though at lower levels, not so much.  This might scare people regarding the fighters and Wizard, but as can be seen from a game perspective, it’s not the same issue.

This is just a fact of the D&D fantasy world that High power magic is more potent than not using magic.

There is much more you can do in this module; however, below are the top-level adventure tales from this we want to do with these tales from the yawning portal pdf module.

  • Against the Giants.
  • Dead in Thay.
  • Forge of Fury.
  • Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan.
  • Sunless Citadel.
  • Tomb of Horrors.
  • White Plume Mountain.

The Plot

When nightfall comes to the Waterdeep and the fireplace that’s in the taproom of the yawning portal starts to die away into embers, the adventurers from the forgotten realms and other D&D worlds tell tales of dark dungeons and lost treasures.

The adventures, which are seven in total, range from pages 17-55 and allow a player to enjoy them. The experiences are also not a copy and paste affair from the original modules. They have undergone an update for the new age players.

The Level’s Strong Points

One of the 5e classes I’ve been most excited with the release of this module has been the Paladin. My favorite class out of 4e was the Avenger, a divine striker who could teleport and had some exciting damage features either based on making your Oath’s enemy run away or being a target by attacks in general.

The idea of Advantage sprung out of the Avenger’s core mechanic, who was oathing a target that provided you two d20 rolls on all attacks provided conditions were met.

Before the release of this module, there was speculation, and I had a lot of hope that the Avenger would make it into this edition in some form or another, and it has with the Oath of Vengeance “path” for the Paladin.

There’s a lot to love. The features contained within the Oath seem very strong, and Vow of Enmity imports Oath of Enmity from 4e, but without the pre-conditions.

However, while I love some of the spells on the list (hunter’s mark, haste, misty step, dimension door), I felt that almost half of the spells felt very un-paladin and inadequate tools with which to pursue vengeance.  As such, I’ve reworked the spell list with the 4e Avenger in mind and Batman as a character guide to go by.

Character Variant

You can now get a cool variation to a character. Talk to your DM before choosing this because it is a bit powerful, and the DM should be able to plan accordingly.

Gain knowledge of Abyssal language

Undead Nature: You do not age. You do not have to eat, drink, or sleep. During an extended rest, you can enter a subconscious state of meditation for 4 hours. You will actually gain the same benefits of 8 hours of sleep that a human would.

Unfinished business: Why are you stuck here? There is something you still must do. You may not remember what that something is. Revenge, love, closure, spite, chaos are all drives for a ghost to be trapped on the material plane.

Some of the typical D&D Questions and Answers


Does getting information on a monster during combat take any action?


When the heroes enter combat and want to know information about their enemies (keywords, strengths, weaknesses, etc.), would the ability check require action, or is this a free action? I have read Does D&D 5e have a rule for character knowledge about monsters? But it only discusses which skills to use, not what to do.


Can Phantasmal Force knock and hold someone prone?


Spell language states: you create a phantasmal object, creature, or another visible phenomenon of your choice that is no larger than a 10-foot cube and perceivable only to the target for the duration. This spell does not affect undead or constructs. The phantasm includes sound, temperature, and other stimuli.


How much do you heal from Hit Dice with Primal Champion + Durable + Con 24?


A level 20 barbarian has the Primal Champion class benefit, which allows him to have a Constitution score of 24 (and a modifier of +7). The Durable feat gives your Hit Die a minimum equal to your CON modifier ×2. But the barbarian hit die is a d12.

Are Tales from the yawning portal worth it?

If you were thinking of purchasing any 5e adventure book, then this is the best choice. The game has excellent adventures, but they are also so easy that even a novice adventure series can play.

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