The Chain of Gold PDF

In this chain of gold Pdf, we follow the story of Cordelia Carstairs. A shadow hunter, a warrior, trained from an early age to fight the devil. When her father falls o an accusation of a terrible crime, she and her brother travel to London in hopes of avoiding the destruction of their family. Furthermore, Cordelia’s mother wants her to marry soon and live a respectable wife’s life. However, she has other plans. Below we will delve further into this fantasy world.

Besides, The Chain of Gold and the next Last Hours trilogy is the author’s fifth series since the first book was in 2007. Her first was the Mortal Instruments, then The Infernal Devices trilogy, and then The Dark Artifices trilogy. This ended with the Queen of Air and Darkness in 2018.

Similarly, the first book in the fourth series is actually The Eldest Curses, and The Last Hours becomes her fifth series for publishing. Gold’s chain is the latest of the chain of gold series published in March 2020.

Similarly, in this book, our titular character Cordelia is determined to be a hero, not a bride like her mother wishes.

Additionally, she is actually in love with somebody else, but this love is secret since he is betrothed to someone else.

Finally, this story is woven in a world of vampires, sorcerers, mermaids, and wizards.

The Chain of Gold PDF

Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare-compressed

The chapters

The First Part

  • Prologue: Days Past: 1897
  • Better Angels
  • Ashes of Roses
  • This Living Hand
  • Half Sick of Shadows
  • Fallen With the Night
  • No More of Mirth
  • Fall of Songs
  • No Strange Land
  • Deadly Wine
  • Loyalty Binds
  • Talismans and Spells
  • The End of It
  • Blue Ruin
  • Among Lions

The Second Part

  • The Whispering Room
  • Legion
  • The Hollow Sea
  • Darkness Stirs
  • All Places Hell
  • Less Than Gods
  • Burn
  • The Rules of Engagement
  • No One Who Loves

Epilogue: Cheswick House, London

Chain of gold characters

The Shadowhunters

  • Cordelia Carstairs – Our main character and young shadow hunter. Who is trying to make firm friends in an effort to save his family from misfortune?
  • Alastair Carstairs – Cordelia’s tough brother. He has secrets of his own.
  • Thomas Lightwood: Back home after the travel years, Thomas came home and is happy to enjoy his friends.
  • Anna Lightwood – Anna is highly regarded by women, but not by older generations for her lifestyle choices and men’s clothing. However, she subjugates others and often tries her best to befriend everyone.
  • Christopher Lightwood: With the researcher’s heart, he is often obscure and sees himself or Henry Fairchild experimenting in the laboratory.
  • James Herondale – Cordelia’s childhood friend and romance, James Herondale sees other realms and fights the devil.
  • Lucy Herondale – Cordelia’s Future parabatai, Lucy, is a writer eager to start her own parabatai class.
  • Grace Blackthorn – The mysterious adopted daughter of Tatiana Blackthorn, with whom James is in love.
  • Tatiana Blackthorn – A madwoman who revives her dead son in search of revenge.
  • London Enclave – A local governing body of shadow hunters made up of Will Herondale, Tessa Herondale, Charles Fair Child, Henry Fair Child, Gabriel Lightwood, Gideon Lightwood, Sophie Lightwood, and Cecil Lightwood.
  • Brother Zechariah – a former parabatai of Herondale, a quiet brother who works like James, Lucy, and other uncles.
  • Matthew Fairchild – James parabatai, a cheerful but often drunk man who seems to keep secrets.

The Downworlders

  • Malcolm Fed – London’s High War Rock, the successor to the Ragnor Fell.
  • Hypothyroidism – The magician who owns Hell Royal.
  • Magnus Benn – a powerful magician and old friend of Will Herondale.


  • Jesse Blackthorn – Tatiana’s deceased son and Grace Blackthorn’s adopted brother. Only his mothers, Grace and Lucy Herondale, can see his soul.
  • Jasmine Love Race – Ghost Guardian, London Institute.

The Story

In the era of King Edward VII, London is full of electric lights and long shadows, celebrating the beauty of art, the wild pursuit of happiness, and demons waiting in the dark.

Similarly, For many, many years, there has actually been peace in the Shadow Hunter world. So the famous children of Will and Tessa, James and Lucie Herondale, grew up in idyllic poems with their beloved friends and family. Furthermore, they listened to tales of conquering evil by the good. But when the Blackthorns and Carstels came to London, everything changes.

Moreover, James Herondale longs for great love and thinks that he has found love in the beautiful and mysterious Grace Blackthorn. Cordelia Carstairs desperately needs to be a hero, save her family from the ruins, and hide her secret love for James.

When disaster comes a calling, Shadowhunters, James, Cordelia, and their friends will be thrown into the deep end of wild adventures. Which will reveal the darkness and the powerful and become heroes and fall in love.

Besides, A series of shocking demonic attacks destroy London, and Cordelia’s new life is routed along the way. These monsters are different from the monsters that the Shadowhunters have fought before. And these demons walk during the day, attacking those who have nothing to do with anything, and seem unable to kill them.

Finally, London is actually immediately quarantined and trapped in this city. Cordelia and her friends actually find out that their connection with the dark heritage gives them incredible powers. And forces them to make cruel choices, which will reveal the real cruelty of being a hero.

Why you should read this book

Similarly, there are actually several reasons why you should add Chain of Gold to your reading list right now, in case the breathtaking story and the promise of a fantastic character cast weren’t enough to convince you. Moreover, the characters that differ in terms of sexual orientation and identity! So far, this cast includes Queer and Bisexual characters!

Besides, A picturesque depiction of London! Judging from Kathy’s previous book, the joy of beautiful prose awaits us as if we were walking down an alley in London!

Relationship! Kathy knows precisely how to capture our hearts in epic love stories of all kinds! So, from enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, love triangles, Cathy does it all! And it works very well.

Similarly, A wise and magnificent villain is a typical adaptation by the author who loves to give us a very compelling villain, and there are several of those in this book.

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