What do you understand by the Goal? Is it something physical, or is it like a football goal? Every person runs after a goal in their lives, and these goals vary from person to person. Some wanted to build business firms, some wanted to have luxurious cars, and some wanted to travel the world. Eliyahu Goldratt tells us about life goals in his book THE GOAL by ELIYAHU GOLDRATT pdf. To be more specific, what can be your plans to have your business flourish. It is the dream of every man to have a well-established as well as a flourishing business.

Eliyahu Goldratt has given this complete guidebook to know the how-to run business and what to follow while in the business field. This book has a sort of Metatheory for business and life that you can use to advance any system’s output. The Goal was published in 1984. The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt pdf can easily be downloaded on your phones and laptops, and you can use this book for case studies.



The Goal primarily talks about constraint management. In the novel, the author attempted to show a broad spectrum of industrial phenomena. The author has explained the global principles of business. Book has a Socratic Method of philosophy with a touch of fiction and entertainment. It is all about strategic management. Goldratt explains the ways to get rid of constraints and bottlenecks, which cause the reduction of efficiency and production of the company.

The story of this novel revolves around Alex’s character, who is the protagonist of the story. Alex worked as a manager in the manufacturing plant of a company called Unico. He realizes that his factory is facing challenges and may fall apart in a short time. Consequently, employees will be out of work. To find the solution to the problems, he meets a business mentor Jonah who advises him to apply Constraints’ Theory. Two main theories are explained, i.e., Drum Buffer Rope and Throughput Accounting. Jonah says that:

a bottleneck is any resource that whose capacity is an equal to or less than the demand placed upon on it. A non-bottleneck is any kinds of resource whose capacity is greater than the demand places on it.”

The events of the story are joined piece by piece to keep the reader’s interest in the novel. Moreover, the reader will be able to see those constraints being applied and their consequences. The first question he raises is, what is the Goal of a manufacturing operation?. And the Goal is to gain productivity. Goldratt further defines productivity as the act of bringing a company closer to the Goal.

Thus Goal of the manufacturing operation, according to Goldratt, is not to manufacture but to increase profit while simultaneously reducing working capital and increasing throughput. The Goal is a “process of ongoing improvement,” and Goldratt includes the following five steps in this process

  1. Identification of the constraints or bottlenecks.
  2. How to exploit those bottlenecks.
  3. Subordinating everything to use bottlenecks or constraints.
  4. Elevate system of constraints.
  5. If there is any constraint in the previous step, then move back to step 1 and break the chain of the process.

Instead of relying on any other person, he identifies the weak points or constraints or bottleneck and rectifies them. He applies these Socratic methods of answering questions and figures out what the jams are and where they lie. He uses all strategies that were provided by a business mentor. He also applied these strategies in his marital life. Thus Goldratt involves the process and, in the end, solved the problems and eradicated the constraints.

The novel has forty chapters in total, each elaborating on overcoming complicated situations by using problem-solving strategies. Goldratt explained that if one has a series of interconnected station adding up to a process and wanted to increase operation capacity, he will not improve each station; instead, he will increase the capacity of that station which lack behind and slow down the whole process.


A business consultant Eliyahu M. Goldratt writes the Goal. Goldratt was born in 1947. He introduced the Theory of constraints, thinking process, and many other TOC derived tools. Goldratt was an author; he wrote several non-fiction business novels. Book, the Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt, took 13 months to be completed. After completion, the book was not accepted by large publishers. After that, with the help of Larry Gadd, who was the owner of the North River press, the book was published and received a lot of praise and success all over.

Further novels written by him include Its Not Luck, Critical Chain, Necessary But Not Sufficient, Isn’t It Obvious, and many more. His book The goal pdf is an excellent initiative towards successful management strategies. He died on June 11, 2011, at the age of 64.

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