Tomb of Annihilation PDF

When the resurrected beings begin to rot and wither away in the land of Chult, suddenly, every living thing in the jungle starts to panic due to the rather unusual occurrence. The land of Chult is a haven for wild creatures, dinosaurs, and the infamous zombies (wild creatures that have risen from the dead) scavenging in the dark jungles and thick forests.

As the whole jungle is in panic, word spreads that an evil artifact, named the soul monger, is steadily sucking away the souls of those who had risen from the dead. Instead of the resurrected souls living their best in the afterlife, the soul monger is snatching the souls to be used for an intended evil purpose. This is the tomb of annihilation PDF, a book that promises the best in terms of adventure and endurance.

The adventure book comes paired with the fifth edition Dungeons and dragons, which is essential for navigation.

Tomb of Annihilation PDF

You Will Die!

The Tomb of Annihilation PDF’s catchy phrase -You will die- lives up to the hype by offering a host of unending challenges. You are in for a surprise of a lifetime if you think you can easily run through the adventure unscathed. The timer is ticking as you wither away from the soul monger’s sucking action…A bunch of tricky traps requiring your utmost concentration to evade, spice things up some more. Be sure to stumble a few times before getting the hang of the game.

The Hidden Evil Artifact

What makes the tomb of annihilation adventure challenging is the fact that the soul monger’s location is unknown. So, despite the game’s super comprehensive map, as the player, you have to identify the evil artifact’s location yourself. Next, you will have to put the artifact to an ultimate halt before more souls are sucked into the land of Chult.

The Death Curse

Perhaps the most thrilling feature of the tomb of annihilation is the death curse. The curse dictates that all creatures are slowly withering away since, of course, the soul monger is quietly snatching away the souls of the living for evil purposes. To further add to the thrill, every hurdle has to be offset with the clock ticking.

2 Major Halves

The tomb of annihilation PDF is divided into two main parts. The first half, which comprises levels 1 to 7, is a free roam adventure that gives players a deeper insight into the jungle. Ever ridden on a dinosaur before? The game lets you ride and fight dinosaurs while solving some of the trickiest puzzles you can ever imagine. The intriguing part, however, is that the puzzle-solving challenges are the most difficult and exciting features of the game. By the time you realize that solving the puzzles requires you to think for quite a while before making some ignorant moves, you will have died a lot.

The 2nd half

Though newbies to the tomb of annihilation adventure will generally prefer the first half due to its rather simple approach, pro players will love the 2nd half. The infamous dungeon-crawling characterizes levels 8 to 12. Even for the experienced players, the dungeon crawling adventure still brings shivers despite already grasping the ins and outs of the game.

Teamwork is Key

Despite the adventure’s rather notorious reputation of being extremely difficult, the tomb of annihilation promises to bring out the best cooperation and teamwork values within your group. The adventure allows for multiplayer, meaning you can add to the fun by calling in a few friends to try and meander through the dark jungles and tricky puzzles as one.

The trick, however, is that for groups with indecisive minds, you might end up being stuck at one point forever. So, despite the usual inclination of players to always want to complete all challenges to eventually become the hero, the game has a soft side that incorporates the use of multiple minds to beat the hectic challenges. Again, you can choose to jump straight to the 2nd phase of the book, especially if your team is more combat-oriented, unlike the adventurous type.

What’s bad about the Tomb of Annihilation Game?

1.      Difficulty

Put in the simplest terms possible, the tomb of annihilation adventure is plain hard. The game is so hard that any newbie jumping into the adventure at the 2nd half stage will hate the game. Imagine diving into a dungeon crawling adventure filled with boogie traps with death written all over every few steps of your path. Moreover, your life is also failing, meaning the clock is ticking as you waste precious time thinking about your next move.

The good news, however, is that you can make a few tweaks to at least minimize the number of times you have to die in the game; escaping death is not an option in this tomb of annihilation adventure.

2.      Sparse population

The free roam adventure in the first half of the game is not quite densely populated, meaning that individuals that aren’t into trying out odd locations may find the game a bit boring. To reap the best experience, always remember to try out weird locations that are off- track from the main strutting path. It doesn’t hurt really- especially since the game has a comprehensive map to get you back on track in case you go way off course.


The tomb of annihilation PDF did not just emanate from scratch, but rather draws a few ideas and challenges from the previous similar versions such as Gyax Original’s Tomb of Horrors. By taking a quick glimpse of the two books, it’s quite clear that the tomb of annihilation super cedes the latter in almost every aspect. Despite the annoying difficulty and the unavoidable death curse, the game is one that guarantees to eat up most of your days as you try to flourish through the cursed city of Chult’s evil zombies and dark alleys. I would recommend the Tomb of Annihilation to every gamer out there.

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