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Al-Ahqaf means “sand dunes” or “winding sand dunes” in the 46th surah of the Koran with 35 verses. “Sand dunes” (ayat). This is the seventh and last chapter beginning with the letters Hā to Mîm from the Muqatta bis. With regard to the context and chronology of the believed revelation (asbāb al-nuzūl), it is one of the late Surah of the Mecca, with the exception of verse 10 and probably a few more, which Muslims believe were revealed in Medina.

This Surah deals with numerous subjects, it cautions against those who refuse to accept the Qur’an, and reassures those who believe, teaches Muslims to be virtuous to their relatives; it recounts about Prophet HUD and the punishment his people had been subjected to.

Surah Ahqaf PDF


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Surah Ahqaf Transliteration

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The Sequence and Location of Revelation

The important verses of Surah 15 that talks about the gestation and weaning of a child constituted the basis on which some Islamic lawyers estimated that the Foetal threshold of Islamic law would be approximately 25 weeks. The chapter’s name originates from verse 21, in which HUD has allegedly warned his people “by the sand dunes” (bī al-Ahqaf).

Important Verses

In verses 13 and 14, believers who “stand steady” will have “neither fear nor grief”. According to the exegete Fakhr al-Din al-Razi (1149–1209), this signifies believers will not face punishment or other trials on the Day of Judgment the believers are defined as “those who say ‘Our Lord is God'” without mentioning Islam, probably suggesting all Abrahamic believers. On the other hand, God will reward those who believe in God and the Last Day and work righteousness (verse 69 of Al-Maida), for whom “neither fear… nor grief” will come.

Virtuousness (ihsan) towards one’s parents is commanded in verses 15-17. The specific statement of “thirty months” has ramifications for the determination of the Foetal viability threshold in Islamic law.

Benefits of Surah Al- Ahqaf

  • If you memorize Surah Ankabut, you can be awarded ten times the number of qualities as believing males and trusting women, hypocritical men, and hypocritical women.
  • It is related from the Holy Prophet (see above) that 10 times the number of beings on this earth is the reward for reciting this surah, and an equal amount of sins will be forgiven.
  • When you copy this Surah on a porcelain dish, clean it with fresh water, and then drink this, it will always heal trembling sickness (malaria), coldness, and periodic discomfort. Whoever splashes his face with this water will have a glowing face.
  • Mama Ja’far as-Sadiq (A.S.) declared that a person who recites this Surah daily or every Friday, at least every Friday, would be protected by the will and power of Allah the All-Powerful from all of the evils of the world.


This Surah comprises 35 verses in 4 Rukus.  The Surah warns the deniers that no one can save them from God’s retribution. Muhammad PBUH’s last years in Mecca were tumultuous. Quraysh and other tribes boycotted Banu Hashim and Prophet Muhammad, his family, and companions were besieged in the valley of “Shaib Abi Talib” for three years, sometimes living on tree and grass leaves. In the same year, the Prophet lost his beloved uncle Abu Talib, who always protected him, and his wife Khadija, who was his only source of solace.

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