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The background of Surah is that unbelievers in Meccah refused to accept the Islamic message delivered by the Holy Prophet, all the excuses. Sometimes they say he couldn’t see some targets to convince him of his prophecies. From time to time, they recognized him or branded his wizard and ridiculed his message. And sometimes, they are ridiculed by his followers as a few stupid youths and poor slaves. On the other hand, if the people were truly precious, the aristocratic elders argued that it was his mission to accept them. Therefore, the Holy Prophet is tired of his hard work to reasonably demonstrate the error of his faith and illustrate the fact of Tauhid and the policies of the afterlife. Still, the unbelievers are not at all tired. Adopt one kind of prominence in order. Such a situation caused great pain and sorrow to the Holy Prophet.

However, let us know some vital information about this surah. The total numbers of Ayats are 227. Surah ASH SHURA’s whole numbers of words are one thousand three hundred and eighteen (1318). It’s a Makki Surah. The total number of verses is 53, and the number of RUKU is 5.

Surah Shura PDF


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SURAH’S background is the persistent refusal of Mecca unbelievers to both in that excuse; accept the Islamic message given by the Prophet. Sometimes they say he didn’t provide them with a signal to convince him of his prophecy. Sometimes they admitted him and branded him as a sorcerer,and ridiculed his message. Sometimes, they insulted his mission, saying that his followers were small, stupid young people or poor and slaves. They argued that their mission was that the aristocrats and elders accepted it first if the people were of real value. Meanwhile, the Prophet was tired of his efforts to prove the truth of monotheism (tauhid) and the afterlife doctrine and reasonably explained their faith error.

Final words say that unbelievers do not tire of employing a variety of stubborn activities. Such a situation caused great pain and sorrow to the Prophet.


Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW)testifies to the benefits of Surah Shura that those who recite Surah will be one of Allah and come out of the tomb while reciting Shahadah or Kalimah.


  • Anyone who quotes Surah Ash-Shura stays safe while traveling.
  • Whoever raises this Surah invokes his blessing; Allah appoints an angel and prays clean for him. And when he dies, they beg for his mercy.
  • When applied to the eye of a person suffering from cataracts, antimony cataracts are washed away by rainwater written on a plate, and all other eye diseases are cataracts.
  • By writing this Surah on a piece of paper, a neckerchief like Tawiz keeps them safe from mischief. And it is written on a porcelain dish and rinsed with clean water, whoever drinks it or travels in peace and safety.
  • The reciting of Surah Ash-Shura at dawn is certainly compared to the reading of all Holy books.
  • Guarantees protection from thieves and death by drowning or burns. Drinking water in which this Surah is dissolved will protect a person from all kinds of diseases.

Surah Ash-Shura has 53 ayahs, revealed in Makah, whose title is mentioned in verse 38 and is derived from the question of shura (“consultation”). This chapter describes the fundamental doctrine of Islamic beliefs, sacred unity, and resurrection, and prophecy, ethical and social issues.

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