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One of the most important surah’s of the Qur’an is Surah Saffat. It means “Creator”. There are One Hundred and Eighty Two wonderful verses (182) in this 37th surah of the Holy Quran. Each verse is so meaningful that your heart can know if it has the option to speak.

However, let us know some important information about this surah. In addition, the previous verses contain Eight Hundred and Sixty Five (865) words from Surah As-Saffat. If you dig deeper, you will find that it consists of Three Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety Nine (3899) letters. Additionally, there are five (5) rukus in this surah.

Surah Saffat PDF


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Surah Saffat Transliteration

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Surah Saffat Translation

Explanation of the Verses:

The angels are called Saffat because they line up in the court of God and attend “row upon row”.  It also highlights the importance of “rows” in human life.  At the time of the revelation of the Qur’an, the heavens were very important in the sense that the tablets above the heavens were moving safely from the tablet to the earth through the angels and it was possible that some words of the Holy Qur’an Try to confuse and distort and spread the word.  Allah Almighty set up guard posts in the sky and assigned angels to them so that the devils could not succeed in their purposes.    It has also been mentioned that a person in Paradise will tell his friends that there was a friend of mine in the world who used to mock and ridicule my belief in the Day of Resurrection. He is not seen here today. When he looks, he will see the torment of Hell.”  Heaven will say to him, “You used to lead me astray. It was by the grace of Allah that He saved me from your seduction, otherwise I would have been rotting in the depths of Hell like you.”  Then mention Abraham and his people.  Mention of idols being smashed and thrown into the fire, then faithful narration of Ishmael’s birth and sacrifice in old age, father’s sacrifice and son’s patience, acceptance of sacrifice, sacrifice of Paradise ram in return for Ishmael and Ruling on offering sacrifices to the entire nation of Islam while commemorating it to the world.  Then the good tidings of Isaac and his righteous offspring, then the salvation of Moses and Aaron and their people from the oppression of Pharaoh with the help of Allah.  The praise of their faith and sincerity and the announcement of salutation from Allah to them, followed by the remembrance of Elias and his polytheistic nation and the praise of the statement of Tawheed by Elias, followed by Lot.   Then the surah ends with the condemnation of those who prove children for Allah and the promise of help and support of Allah’s messengers and righteous servants and finally the glorification of Allah and the promise of peace to the righteous servants of Allah.

Reciting and Reading Benefits of This Surah:

  • Whoever reads this surah will be safe from Satan.
  • They will be safe from all misfortunes.
  • The reader will have more wealth and children.

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