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One of the most important surahs of the Qur’an is Surah Al-Fatir. It means “Originator”. There are forty-five (45) wonderful verses in this thirty fifth surah of the Qur’an. Each verse is so meaningful that your heart can know if it has the option to speak.

However, let us know some important information about this surah. In addition, the previous verses contain seven hundred and seventy-eight (778) words from Surah Al-Fatir. If you dig deeper, you will find that it consists of three thousand two hundred and thirty-eight (3238) letters. Additionally, there are five (5) rukus in this surah.

Surah Fatir  PDF


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Surah Fatir Transliteration in English

Surah Fatir Transliteration

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Surah Fatir Translation

Explanation of the Verses:

All praise is due to Allah who created the heavens and the earth in a new way and made two, three, four and four corals as His messengers and can make creatures with more wings as He wants. If Allah comes to give relief to someone, no one can stop him and if He wants to deprive someone, no one can give him. O people!  God’s promise is true, do not be deceived by the temporary world and Satan, Satan is your eternal enemy, you also consider him your enemy. Then the blowing of the clouds by the winds and irrigating the barren land is a great proof of resurrection after death. All honor is for Allah alone, so he who seeks honor can attain his goal only by being attached to the footsteps of the honored. Then there is a brief description of the stages of human creation and the cosmic evidence for the power plant. Freshwater and brackish seas cannot be equal, while both provide pearls for jewelry, fish meat for food, and you should be thankful to God for sailing boats for transportation and trade. No one will bear anyone’s burden. Allah rained down water from the sky and created flowers and fruits of different tastes and colors and created white and black mountains, cattle and animals. While reciting the Qur’an, those who perform Iqama Salah and spend for the sake of Allah are doing business with Allah in which there is no harm. Allah Almighty will increase it by His grace by giving them their reward.  He is very grateful and very forgiving.  While the disbelievers will be tired of the torment of Hell and will be running to get us out of here. Their retribution will not be lightened, and they will be told, “You have been given a respite in this world, and a warner has come to you.” Now, this is the torment you will have to taste.  You will have no helper.  Only Allah knows the unseen and the secrets of the hearts.

Reciting and Reading Benefits of This Surah:

Each surah of the Qur’an has many benefits. We cannot imagine how these benefits can play such an important role in our daily lives. However, Surah Al-Fatir has been created with some benefits for humans. God has blessed every verse of this surah. So, let’s learn more about it.

Benefits of Reading:

  • If you read Surah Ra’s As-Saba and Surat Al-Fatir at night, he will be under God’s protection all night, and whoever reads these two Surah’s in the morning will be under God’s protection all day. And her consolation in this world and the hereafter is unimaginable.
  • It was narrated that a man once came to Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (may God be pleased with him) and complained that his daughter was suffering from severe migraines all the time. Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (may God be pleased with him) put his hand on her head and recited verse 42 of Surat Fatir, and she was healed.


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