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Book reading from the time immemorial has been one of the leading pastimes in civilization. When we read books, something magical happens- the characters, their ways of talking, and attitude.

Also, reading a book is a fantastic way to upgrade yourself, and one such book is Wide the Sargasso Sea. The 19th century stellar novel with romance, depression, eagerness to survive, and an anti-colonial approach takes us to a different universe.

At this time, you might be thinking about getting the book, right? The best way is to go for the Wide Sargasso Sea PDF.

And today, we will show you how you can get the pdf version online.

Wide Sargasso Sea PDF

Wide Sargasso Sea

Wide Sargasso Sea Trivia

Before we reveal how you can get the PDF version of the book, why not take a look at the novel itself? Jean Rhys wrote the story in 1966. The novel was initially a counter to another benchmark English novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

Jane Rhys wrote the novel as a continuation of Bronte’s novel. She also took the thematic inspiration from Bronte and described an untold story of the Bronte’s characters from the novel. The novel is frequently considered as one of the classics of early feminist writings and takes an anti-colonial approach. It describes the complex relationship of a couple who leads an unhappy marital life.

We will see the heroine (or the sufferer) Antoinette Mason marries a Jamaican man and returns to England with him. It is interesting to note that  Antoinette Mason‘s character is the continuation of Bertha from Bronte’s Jane Eyre.

However, unlike in Jane Eyre, Jean Rhys described the background of Antoinette Mason and how she suffered from an unhappy married life.

Plot and Summary

Wide Sargasso opens in Jamaica amidst the much-awaited abolition of slavery by the then British Government. It’s starting year is 1834 when Jamaica was a province of the British Government. Throughout the story, you will see Antoinette relating her past life with the present ones and sites linkedto happenings from the colonial impacts.

The trademark novel is divided into three parts. These are:

Part One

In part one, Antoinette describes her childhood at a Jamaican sugar plantation near Coulibri. The section brings an engulfing and horrific story of how the state plunged into poverty from once being a wealthy and prosperous region. Eventually, Antoinette’s family also burnt the effect of such debt.

In part one, Antoinette’s mother was forcefully sent to a couple. Sadly, Antoinette’s mother’s role in the novel ends here.

Part Two

It starts when Antoinette and her husband are on their honeymoon. You will see a quick exchange of views between the couple. And the sharing of their opinions reveals the perplexing story of Jamaica in front of us. Also, as the novel advances, we will see the ever-increasing distance between Antoinette and her husband on various issues.

As her precarious mental health worsens, she returns to England, and the story takes an unthinkable turn.

Part Three

Here we see Bertha, aka, Antoinette is confined in the famous Thornfield Hall. At the same time, the story traces her relationship with her house guard Grace Poole. But it didn’t work either, and slowly she advanced herself into a fanatic state.

Lastly, with her stream of consciousness, she reveals the dark truth behind life and sets fire.

The novel ends here but opens up our mind with numerous questions.

How to Get Wide Sargasso Sea PDF Online

So, by the time you finished reading the summary of the stellar novel, you might be itching to read the whole novel in a gasp, right?

But how do you get it?

The answer is pretty straightforward. You can ardently purchase the PDF version of the book online. This online purchase will permit you to read the book from anywhere in the world. Additionally, you can read it on your PC, tablet, smartphone, or in Kindle PDF reader.

We will give you the latest links and information about the book, so, you don’t find any difficulty to get the book.

Final Words

The late 1960s saw many talisman novels that changed our thoughts forever. One such book is the Wide the Sargasso Sea. Once you read the book, the world on unknowns and unthinkable will open up for you. So, get the PDF version and start reading.

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